Protection of confidential data, business secrecy and personal data

The contracting parties undertake to protect the content of this contract and all the business documentation and the data, of which they take note during implementation of the contract (hereinafter together: confidential information), as a business secrecy and they shall not transmit, disclose or make it accessible to the third persons without prior written consent of the counterparty.

The contracting parties shall undertake to also protect all the business secrecies, personal data and other confidential information of the counterparty they took note due to or regarding the implementation of this contract, namely regardless of the form or carrier on which the information is contained or way in which confidential information were obtained.
  • name and surname,
  • date of birth,
  • telephone number,
  • e-mail address,
  • residence,
  • information about the present and past employers,
  • information about work experience and education, attended courses, knowledge, and similar.
  • and all other information indicated by the candidates in their CVs submitted to the contractor.
The contracting parties shall use the personal data for the purposes of implementation of this contract and for meeting the legal obligations. By taking into consideration the up-to-date technological development and costs of implementation as well as nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of treatment, as well as the rights and liberties of individuals that differ in probability and severity, the contracting parties shall ensure the protection of personal data with organizational, technical, logistics-technical procedures as well as measures protecting the personal data, they shall prevent accidental and intentional unauthorized destruction of data, its change or loss and unauthorized treatment of this information, as defined in the valid legislation regulating the personal data protection in the Republic of Slovenia.

The principal shall have no right to save or process the personal data transmitted to the candidates with whom it has not concluded the work relationship, and shall undertake to permanently delete this data immediately after termination of the contract out of any reason and inform the contractor about this.

In case of enforcement of the rights of an individual candidate in accordance with the provisions of a valid legislation (request for correction, processing limitation, deletion, withdrawal of consent for processing, and similar), the principal shall undertake to cooperate and offer to the contractor all the data needed and act in accordance with the contractor’s instructions, all with the purpose that the contractor correctly and fully fulfils each well-justified request of an individual.
Each contracting party shall undertake to transmit the confidential information only to persons who need this information for implementation of the contract on behalf and for the account of each contracting party, namely only in the scope which is mandatory for this. Each contracting party shall be liable for violations of the protection of business secrecy and confidential information by the persons who act on its behalf and shall be liable for its own account as for its own violation.
The following information do not represent business secrecies or confidential information:
  • information in possession by the contracting party before received from the other contracting party;
  • information that was or will become public for another reason than violation of this contract is;
  • information from this contract or regarding this contract which shall be deemed as public information of at least one of the contracting parties and this contracting party shall be obliged to disclose it to the public in accordance with the valid legislation.
The obligation of confidential data protection referred to in this Article shall remain in force for an indefinite duration also after termination of validity of this contract, regardless of the reason for termination of this contract.

Valid from July 2023.