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Do you want new employees who can cope with demanding work orders and are able to quickly integrate into the company? Do you want a new job which is compatible with your career goals?

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Search and selection

Do you want new employees who can cope with demanding tasks and will be able to quickly integrate into the company? Through a professional process based on a reliable methodology, we identify your needs and define a specialized candidate profile and find the most suitable candidates for quick integration into your work process. We use the direct search method for managerial, specialized and demanding positions which hold great responsibility in industries with a saturated labor market. Such profiles rarely apply for jobs, which means that you have to look for them since they are not always easy to come by!

Mentoring and onboarding program

Our goal is to ensure the long-term satisfaction of employees and companies we work with. Since the first six months are crucial for the best possible integration of new employees into your company, we help you create processes that play a major role in this. In close cooperation with you, we establish an onboarding program and/or a mentoring program. The results are the rapid involvement of the employee in the company, enhanced knowledge acquisition and, of course, the best possible results that you can expect from a new employee.

External partner in search and selection

Relieve the burden on your company in relation to all the recruitment and selection procedures. A long-term cooperation with us saves you time and costs, allowing you to be able to devote yourself to the things you do best and are most important for your and your company’s growth.

Employer branding

In today's increasingly competitive labor market, a positive employer brand is of key importance. A poor reputation makes recruiting and retaining the best employees demanding and expensive. For the advancement of your company, you need talented workers, and the best way to attract them is with the reputation of a good employer.

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Tina Z.


Despite the difficult market conditions, Jelka and Klara, our HR consultants, presented us with qualified applicants. One of the candidates was employed, but we are still in contact for possible employment in the future. I would also want to emphasize the FirstClass company's professionalism, communication, and response.

Our FirstClass expert team

We are a young, ambitious team with many years of experience in the field of sea rch and selection, human resources management and training organization. Our work is professional, goal-oriented, and focused on finding the best solutions.


mag. Ajda Sibinčič



Nika Anžel



Tanja Udovč


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