Life at FirstClass

Relaxed and connected culture, flexibility, diverse work, many growth opportunities, and sharing our values is our key to success.

How is it working at FirstClass?

We work with the best companies in the region and strive to create an environment that allows each team member to reach their potential and feel comfortable, relaxed, and valued at work. Our working environment is shaped in a way that allows us to work the best way there is:


We can adjust our working schedule based on our tasks and the time when we feel most productive. We can work in the office, from home, or on a terrace by the sea – anywhere we want and are the most efficient. We believe that each individual has their own strong areas, so we adapt the content of our work to our interests and desired areas in which our team members would like to develop. Despite the fact that we pursue an orderly and organized talent search and selection process, there is always room for creativity and new ideas.



What makes our work special is that every day is different. Daily, we meet various candidates coming from different companies and industries with unique experiences and personalities. At the same time we consult companies in various industries, aiming to help them perform at their best by building their best team. We are constantly developing new projects and services while monitoring innovations and trends in Slovenia and around the world. We are motivated and driven by our diverse work.

Relaxed culture and good relationships

It is important to us to celebrate achievements - small or big, professional or personal, at the office or outside. We gladly take an opportunity to socialize – we regularly go out for lunch together, celebrate birthdays and other important milestones of our colleagues and strengthen our relationships on trips and team buildings.

Flat structure

We are a diverse team that believes that everyone brings new skills, strengths and opportunities to the table. We can approach everyone regardless of their position easily, while we listen and appreciate each other and grow together as a team.

Knowledge sharing and education

At our regular team meetings, we exchange good practices, market novelties, tips and tricks that can make everyone’s work easier and more efficient. We are leading a helping culture, where no man is left behind. We understand that due to the rapid changes in the market, it is crucial to stay on top of the current happenings in the industry. To cope with all changes and innovations and remain the leader in our segment, we put great importance on education – we take care of internal knowledge sharing as well as lectures and workshops held by various external experts (e.g. monthly brunch & learn, conferences, memberships in international associations).

Knowledge sharing and education

How else do we strive for well-being?

Taking care of our physical and mental health is important to us. That is why we have fruit at the office and the possibility to exercise at the fitness center nearby. We also talk regularly and help each other – if necessary we split the work among the team so none of us is overwhelmed and everyone has a chance to lead a great work-life balance. 

Have we mentioned we are based in the city center of Ljubljana with the most magnificent top view, overlooking the whole metropolis? Looking out of the window makes us feel calm and inspired and gives us additional strength when we need it. 

Our values

Our shared values connect us and help us achieve our goals every day.

Build trust

Mutual trust and transparency within the team and towards clients and candidates are essential for good cooperation and successful work.

Ensure excellence

We have high standards at work and always do everything in our power to satisfy clients, candidates, and ourselves.

Reach for the stars

We have ambitious dreams and clearly defined goals on how to achieve them. We are also driven by a passion for our work.

Move forward

We are motivated by progress on work projects as well as by professional and personal growth. We also feel empowered at our work.

Work smart

We always find new innovative ways to do everyday tasks using technologically advanced tools that take us one step further.

Want to join us?

We are always looking for new talents who can contribute their knowledge, experience, and new ideas. Check open positions or submit a general application and become a part of our relaxed and connected FirstClass team! We accept all applications at [email protected].


We are looking for a new colleague who will independently work on IT recruitment / search and selection projects. Join our team of experts now.


Don't worry if we currently don’t have a job position open for you. Send us your CV and let us know which area you are interested in and we will get in touch when the right opportunity for you opens up!​

Hiring process

Are you interested in what our hiring process looks like – from sending application to employment?

1. Sending CV

Highlight your experience, education, and other achievements in your CV.

2. Prescreen interview

You can expect a phone call, during which we will briefly get to know you.

3. First interview

First interview with selected team members, where we will get to know you better and answer your questions.

4. Practical assessment

We will test your knowledge with a practical assessment to check your understanding, way of thinking, and ingenuity.

5. Final interview

The final interview with the management before we make the decision.

6. Psychological assessment

Psychological assessment gives us better insight into your personality and the way you operate in the work environment.

Together we are stronger.

FirstClass team